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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

God Is A Change Agent for Missions Outreach

In 2010, God called us into Mission Mandate!  Not only did He call us into this blessing, He ushered us to the  place to be trained to do His will through IGO-IWM.  This curriculum requires us to write a Blog to share with you and others the journey of our mandate and the "unreached peoples" group we have chosen to share the Good News of the Gospel. By now you should be asking what is an "unreached people" group?  These are tribal groups located sometimes in partially Christianized areas of this world, that are socially isolated, and overlooked, but has never heard the Gospel preached.
By: Charles & Mia Harris
We also have learned through this study that there are many challenges to world evangelism, such as distance of travel, the danger of being killed, the need for the necessities of life, and even the possibility of persecution by foreign religions. In spite of the impediments and hindrances' God has made it our duty to pray in faith that His kingdom may come and His Will be done in the mission fields of "unreached peoples" groups. Also, we now know that the Bible gives us the model for world evangelism, and the "Church of God is a multinational missionary community, under orders to evangelize until Christ returns."

Today, as change agents and fellow co-workers with Christ we must look beyond the so-called "impediments" that hinder our personal calling for missions, and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in prayer who has promised to "never leave us nor forsake us."  The scripture teaches that it is the life-giving force of the Holy Spirit that makes mission outreach possible and empowers the plans, strategies and growth of the church (Paul said: I planted, Apollos watered but God gave the increase - (1 Cor. 3:6); He also protects and deliver those who are in the field for Christ and for the Kingdom. We believe that the dangers and impediments of true Apostles only serve as milestones to progress, renewed strength and ultimate mission victory.

Why are we saying that God is a change agent for mission outreach? Let's look at a dictionary definition; we believe that a change agent is someone who "alters human capability or organizational systems to achieve a higher degree of output or self actualization." A change agent always begins with the end results in the forefront; the goal is to empower people to achieve lasting success that leaves an eternal legacy. A change agent, in other words, sanctions people to do greater things, to have a healthier prospective on life than previously imagined and incites you to see the future in attainable possibilities and not just problems too impossible to overcome.  

Therefore, we have affirmed that the mandate the Bible gives is not just the Great Commission but the entire biblical revelation. Through the biblical mandate we now believe that God has called us into holy action to be change agents as Christ's evangelists. Certainly Scripture does not call missionaries “change agents.” Yet it is the essential task of missions outreach. The very fundamental nature of missions ministry is to preach, proclaim and lead to people of God to changed lives, faith, attitudes and faithfulness on every level imaginable–personal, communal, national, and internal.

And just like the valiant and audacious men and women of God who went before us, unmoved by sickness or death, but fueled by passion to save lost souls, we too must expect to achieve a greater success that leaves an eternal legacy. You may now be asking; how can we be so assured? Well, we are confident because we are obtaining the required research skills through IGO, listening to those who have field experience in missions, but most of all, because we are "humbly empting ourselves of all but our personal authenticity, so that we may become the servants of others." This is the model of evangelism that the Bible supplies for victory. It is the authentication of this same "self-humbling and self-emptying" that once delivered in us will allow the workings of the Holy Spirit to become the lead agent of change in our destiny to set an entire nation of "unreached peoples" on fire for Jesus Christ.

To be continued.......

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